May 11, 2018

Database Developer / ETL Developer

As Sheerity we operate in Poland and in the UK.

We are looking for candidates for long-term cooperation to work together on data related projects.

If you are a professional who feels comfortable in a database environment, data analysis, someone who can sense what can be wrong with the data, and at the same time you don’t like corporate attitude but you value flexibility and common sense, I believe we will find the common ground.

See below for the ideal technical areas you would be involved in. (Treat it as a starting point; if you haven’t had a chance to get to know any of the following areas, it’s not a big deal. I will help you. One of the objectives of creating a team is to help one another.)

  • Ease of the use of database environments (Oracle, SQL Server, other).
  • SQL is a foundation, a starting point to have fun with the data and other data technologies. If you don’t feel fully comfortable in this area do not be discouraged, we are also looking for people to take up junior projects.
  • ETL technologies. If you haven’t yet used a specific technology (e.g. Informatica PowerCenter, SSIS, etc.) it doesn’t necessarily mean that you haven’t done anything with ETL. ETL just means that you obtained data from one system, you processed the data and loaded it to another system.
  • Good command of English, being able to use the language with confidence.
  • 1-2 years of project experience would be a plus.
  • Other than technologies you must also like people 😉

In case of projects delivered in the UK, our cooperation may require a temporary relocation abroad – in such cases, subject to individual arrangements, we can provide accommodation and assistance with tax-related matters.

If you are not sure if you satisfy the requirements or if we are the right place for you, please get in touch with me.


Send us your CV to and let us know how soon you are available

When sending to us your details, please ensure to include the following statement on your CV:

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